Client Results

Our dedication to helping organizations build exceptional workplaces is the driving force behind our consulting work. We consider our clients’ unique needs, organizational culture, and short and long-term business priorities when developing customized solutions to address their current challenges.

The following are examples of our work in the areas of change management, global virtual collaboration, succession planning, and employee retention.

Torchia and Associates

Change Management

Client Need

The smooth and rapid transition of a strategic restructuring that combined several business divisions and created common services to better position the company for future growth. The objectives were to help reduce internal resistance to the change while also minimizing work disruptions and maintaining productivity during the reorganization.

Consulting Outcome

Consulted with the executive team in the planning phase on change management process and the potential risks and triggers for resistance. This work aligned the leadership team and enabled them to execute an effective change strategy and implementation framework. Facilitated the development of a communication plan that clearly articulated the CEO’s vision and reasoning for the change which helped significantly with employee buy-in and support. Client was able to set realistic goals and expectations which helped minimize distractions and focused the organization. Employee response was positive overall with many communicating their appreciation for not only what was changing but more importantly how the change was handled.

“Deb’s clearly articulated change management strategy and structured communication model proved invaluable as I navigated a complex corporate restructuring. Her coaching and facilitation skills contributed to an outcome that exceeded my high expectations.”

Global-Virtual Collaboration

Client Need

A global service delivery organization that spanned four continents was faced with cultural conflicts and miscommunication that inhibited their ability to successfully execute their practice. Ongoing misunderstandings were creating tension and dysfunction within the team and, in turn, negatively impacting projects, schedules and customer satisfaction.

Consulting Outcome

Worked with the global management team to increase awareness of and respect for cultural differences, including their own cultural preferences and how those influenced how they perceived, communicated, and worked with their global colleagues. Beyond having the ability to simply grasp the opposite cultural value, they gained the competence to recognize what is a cultural disconnect rather than automatically assuming a conflict of personalities or priorities. Working together they developed and modified several work processes to support the co-existence of cultural differences and make working together in a virtual environment more productive.

“I’ve noticed an improvement in perspective that is now apparent in everyday communications. Team members are taking a more open view and more time to ensure that they are communicating effectively with their international colleagues. They are exhibiting behaviors that show they are cognizant of the perceptions of others in the group and the perspectives from which they are coming. Positive impact was realized not just in global forums, but also in day-to-day work with peers and customers in the same country.”

Executive Succession Planning

Client Need

After a period of strong growth that included several acquisitions, the board of directors felt it was important to have a formal executive succession plan in place. The goal was to assess current organization leaders to determine if internal candidates had the requisite skills, abilities and experience needed to support future growth and global expansion.

Consulting Outcome

Worked with senior management to indentify future leadership needs and develop a matrix of desired experience and competencies for each role targeted for succession planning. The assessment processes focused current leaders on what their roles would entail in the future as well as the qualifications and aspirations of potential successors. The evaluation process included ways to weigh responses that helped to reduce bias and identify potential leadership gaps well in advance.

“I’ve worked with Torchia and Associates on a number of important projects ranging from executive succession planning to global organizational alignment. In every project Deb and her team bring solid theoretical frameworks, deep professional expertise and profound insights to ensure that their work has meaningful impact for us. She makes the experience of working together less about what she does…and more about how we can develop and strengthen our organization.”

Employee Retention

Client Need

Identify causes of excessive turnover and find ways to increase employee retention at a major retail chain in Trinidad, West Indies.

Consulting Outcome

Consulted with a multi-cultural group of executives and managers on ways to open lines of communication and increase trust so they could work together with employees to identify the reasons for high turnover. Interviews with employees revealed both environmental and behavioral causes for the high rate of attrition. Working together with managers and employees to create a safe environment for discussion, we facilitated meetings where they focused on mutual problem-solving and personal accountability. The result was a organization-wide commitment to make policy and behavioral changes that had an immediate and positive effect on the work environment.

“Ms. Torchia demonstrated the highest degree of professionalism and diplomacy in identifying the root causes of the issues impacting our organisation’s performance. Additionally, her recommendations were practical and allowed for periodic evaluation of success.”